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To this day, the works of Didier Mouron total more then 500 paintings created in pencil of which most have been sold on all the continents. Over the years, his technique has become more refined, but the main theme between his earlier works and his actual works has remained. The great majority of his work is the reflection of passing and fleeting images from the subconscious and from the world of dreams.
Didier Mouron likes to say : ”I live as I paint and I paint as I live. I am travelling through an utopian world filled with the inconstant, the unattainable and the irrealism".
For almost 40 years he distinguishes himself by the dedication given to the creation of his works as well as the way he presents them to the public.
He mystifies the initiated with his unique and exceptional mastery consisting of elaborating his canvases in one stroke without any  prior sketches or retouching. Many don’t hesitate to qualify his technique as a pure phenomenon of the... unrealistic.



1985   Trump Tower

2009 - 2010   Off the Wall

2013   Forbidden City

2014   Warner Bros. Studios (Burbank, California)

Movie trailer


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« I'm not comfortable when it comes to speaking of myself, because I defend the idea that an author only plays a supporting part opposite his work. His main object must be limited to mastering a technique which has been given to him, with the sole purpose of expressing what life has made him feel. He must also shoulder the impact of what he claims to express, and be nurtured on the consequences either good or bad which his work produces, with the sole ambition to ensure its continuity.
I have already said this, and I continue to believe in its truth: I am a labourer at the service of expression, a producer of simple pictures conceived by a visual thought. A visual thought which evolves along with my environment and which shows itself the most frequently in the shape of a dream.
With time I have learnt to play with the elements which constitute this environment. To cause, up to a certain degree, propitious contexts for the birth of new images, in order to open the maximum number of windows and to offer them to those who feel called.
My visual thought is as simple as that.
As to technique, let's say that... It is in scribbling that one becomes a scribbler!
Whenever one becomes the onlooker, the principal element of this communication, the perceived image is often only a reflection of the state of mind one is in.







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« Wink to my Father.
When he left, he left me his pencil.




Henri Mouron (Riri), drawings, 1957